If you’re on bio-identical hormone creams, it’s important to ensure proper absorption of the hormones prescribed for you. Proper absorption can be affected by two factors: saturation and penetration.

To avoid oversaturation of your hormone receptors in your application sites, rotate where you apply your cream from day to day and morning and night. An easy way to remember which side of the body to use is: Morning, left; night, right. Every day switch to a new site on your body.

Remember, the best places are those with thin skin over fatty tissue: inner upper arms, upper abdomen (but below breast), lower abdomen, outer hips, outer thighs, inner thighs. If you are in a pinch because you already got dressed and don’t want to miss your dosage, you may also use your inner lower arms, but the other areas are more effective.

Anything that creates layers on top of your skin can be a barrier to proper absorption of your hormone creams. You should avoid topical lotions and creams in the hormone application site.

Also, if you use a shower gel or body wash, especially those designed to keep moisture from escaping your skin, that barrier may also be keeping your hormones from effectively penetrating your skin. That’s because those types of shower gels or body washes contain waxy and petroleum-based chemicals to create a barrier to hold in your skin’s natural moisture. To avoid this penetration issue, take regular soap with you in your shower and after washing, use the soap on that day’s application sites on both sides of your body so that you have a clean, barrier-free area to apply your hormone cream after your shower and at night.

Too complicated? Swap out your current shower gel or body wash with a natural product such as those offered by our local Houston friend Michelle Hurd @ http://www.aDivineNature.com.

—by Nurse Educator Lee Ann Harry, RN, BSN

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