Get control of your allergies before they start again this spring! For one day only, we will be providing an introductory offer of $200 off standard testing fees for the first 20 patients who sign up for our new Needle-Free AllergiProgram testing…but, hurry only 8 spaces are left!


Allergies continue to increase every year, and the only way to completely eliminate your allergies is with our new AllergiProgram. This simple program includes:


  1. A simple needle-free skin test to see what allergens may be causing your allergy symptoms.
  2. Once we know what you are allergic to, we may be able to help you avoid or decrease your exposure to some of these allergens…or better yet…
  3. Provide you with the most comprehensive Universal AllergiDrop vaccine that builds a natural tolerance to 100 of the most common environmental allergens (mold, pet dander and pollens from grass, trees and weeds) across the United States.
How They Work
AllergiDrops are different from allergy shots because they are administered by you at home with just a few drops under the tongue each day. Special cells under the tongue absorb the AllergiDrop serum directly into the blood stream without the risk of anaphylaxis (potentially fatal shock that can be caused by allergy shots). This makes AllergiDrops a much safer alternative to inconvenient and expensive allergy shots.
Build your tollerance BEFORE Spring! This introductory offer is only available to the first 20 people who sign up for this program! Sign yourself and other family members up today before someone else takes your spot!


Call our office at 281-855-2273 to schedule your testing today. Learn more about this allergy treatment on our website: