Done properly, the new hCG program really can help you lose 2 sizes in about a month. hCG injections combined with a restricted food intake for 20 or 40 days can help you slim down safely—and fast! In November, we introduced this newest program, and we’ve seen fantastic results. Our hCG program differs from others in that it is medically supervised and every participant is supported by our experienced staff.

The hCG program is not a quick-fix starvation system. The program is:

  • calorie restricted, with nutritional supplementation and hCG injections that help reduce cravings and hunger. Some patients report that they feel like they have to force themselves to consume their daily calories.
  • medically supervised (not all patients will be candidates) with weekly check ins to monitor compliance, provide support, and inject SlimShots for additional fat burning and energy boosting.
  • a jump start to a healthy lifestyle that will help maintain a healthy physique for life.
  • a fantastic motivational step for most to take control of their health because they look and feel better so rapidly, it’s very encouraging.
  • a great way to lose fat in unwanted areas, such as the belly, without losing it where you need it, such as the pad of your heels.

Learn more about hCG on our website or call us at 281-855-2273 and ask for Nancy.